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Williamson School Board Reviewing Charter School Proposals

  • After the initial refusal by the WCS Committee, the Founders Classical Academy has submitted an updated application.
  • The school board will meet in July to review and vote on the committee’s recommendations.
  • The board of directors of the founder’s Classical Academy now includes former leaders of the USA Classical Academy who withdrew their applications earlier this year.
  • Over 300 families have shown an interest in USA Classics, many of whom now want to attend the founders.

Applications from the Founders Classic Academy of the K-8 Charter School will return to the Williamson County School Board of Education next month for review and voting.

After being rejected earlier this year, the school wants to appeal to the county again, with the support and leadership of the new community, and feedback from the district’s review of the first application.

The founder and the USA Classical Academy applied for operations in Williamson earlier this year. Applications submitted at the same time, despite being nearly identical in curriculum provision, are not known to each other.

The Williamson County Seal will be visible to officials and audiences elected in the Auditorium of the Williamson County Administration Facility on Thursday, April 7, 2022. Several county meetings are held in the room each year, including county and school board meetings.

The USA Classic Academy finally submits for a “strategic alliance” formed as part of Tennessee’s promotion of “opening dozens of charter schools in the coming years” with the support of Hillsdale University. Withdrawn.

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“Based on this reality, the road to approval to open in the 2023-24 school year, which was always expected to be a challenge, is for educational institutions and related government officials,” he said.

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