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Top 5 Cheapest POS Machine In Nigeria

The advancement in technology has paved a way for a relief in the stress encountered by businessmen and women through the FINTECH (Financial Technology) called POS – Point of Sale Machine.

The POS machine is an advanced payment accepting machine that enables people to perform financial transactions due to the fact that many people no longer prefer going out with much cash, rather they prefer going to the market with their debit card.

If you are surfing the internet for the cheapest POS machine in Nigeria, search no longer because your answer is here.

But before that, let me point out where you can get a POS machine in Nigeria. You can get your POS machine in two ways; either from the commercial banks for free or you purchase it(online or offline).

Note, the one you get free from commercial banks requires you to pay a commission per transaction that you make. While the POS machine that is purchased, you will not be charged for any transaction that you performed with it. For instance, if you buy POS machine on Jumia for #45,000 you will never be charged for anything again, even if you perform numerous transactions per day.

5 Cheapest POS Machine in Nigeria 2022

Please note that price of products are subject to change and tend to fluctuate and POS terminals are not exceptional. However based on the research conducted on prices of POS machine by some POS dealers like Jumia; below were the cheapest among all:

  1. Dot pay POS Terminal machine – #30,000
  2. V71 POS terminal – #35,000
  3. Pax POS machine – #40,000
  4. Nexgo G2 & Bank NEW8210 POS machine – #43,000
  5. POS S90 machine – #45,000.
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The above list of the cheapest Pos Machines are Based on Charges.

Some of the POS companies that has the cheapest POS charge are:

1. Blankly POS machine – charges 0.3% on every withdrawals and a flat rate of #35 on all transfers.

2. Moniepoint POS machine – charges 0.5% of transaction amount and a flat rate of #20 for transfer.

3. Kolomoni POS machine – charges 0.5% on withdrawals from #1000 to #19,900. #30 fee for transfer of #2000 and above.

4. Dataway POS machine – charges 0.6% for withdrawal from #100 to #10,200. A flat fee of #100 for withdrawals from #10,201 and above.

5. Opay POS machine – charges 0.6% for withdrawals below #20,000 and flat rate charge of #120 for withdrawals from #20,000 above.

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