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Top 5 Best Android Apps to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria

Trading your gift cards for cash in African countries especially in Nigeria can be a monumental task when you are selling on unreliable websites or apps and as we know Gift cards are very easy to lose if not careful, and when that happens, there’s no means of recovering the loss.

You are likely to lose a gift card when you get ripped off by a scammer or even on sites that claim to buy gift cards but never actually do, and that can only happen when you are selling on a website that is not reliable as aforementioned.

What are Gift Cards?

Gift cards are more like recharge cards where you can sell them in exchange for physical cash, bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, and each card has each amount, such as: hundred dollars, two hundred dollars, even to five hundred dollars and more.

They are used as a sort of prepaid debit card where you load your fund for future use.

These special cards sometimes are used to pay for things online instead of using your credit or debit cards. In Nigeria, there are platforms that choose to trade these gift cards in return for cash, If you own one of those, then you can sell them in.

In Nigeria, we know gift card scams are very common online, and when that happens the victim will not be able to recover it as there is no way of recovery.

But then, there are ways to trade gift cards without losing them to scammers, CoinLodge has ensured a smooth and fast proper means of selling all kind of gift cards like: Nordstrom, Sephora, Walmart, Visa, Steam Wallet, Google Play, American Express, eBay, Apple iTunes, Amazon, and lot more from various brands and countries.

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There are various Android apps where you can trade your gift card. Here’s top 5.

S/NApps - Gift Cards

The best Android apps you can ever think of trading gift cards with. Some other gift card exchangers include: Cardtonic, Ecotrader, Prestmit, Rocket by Chiji 14 Exchange and TruthX.

Let’s have a look at the Android applications to trade gift cards in Nigeria.

Top 5 Android apps to sell gift cards in Nigeria.


Apexpay is one of the best Android apps to sell gift cards for instant cash. They offer you the easiest way to sell your gift cards for cash at any time. And of course one of Nigeria’s leading Gift Card exchangers serving over 50,000 customers with 5 star trading experience.

One of the reasons Apexay is among the best Android apps to sell gift cards is because they treat all customers equally including having a good trading experience. It also offer high rate on all cards and are very fast with payment, it also have unique deal where bonuses are up to 10%

Apexpay ensures that trading your digital assets are very safe and secure. You can also request money from your special padi on Apexpay.

Download Apexpay From Play Store And Apple Store

Paxful Bitcoin Exchange

Paxful sBitcoin Exchange is one of the best apps to trade your gift cards, bitcoin and get paid instantly without delay. Paxful will pay you in bitcoin then you can sell the bitcoin to people who buy bitcoins and earn your money.

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It is said to be the biggest place online to sell your gift cards in Nigeria. You will see Juicy rates to sell your gift cards and you will as well get escrow support on paxful in case something happens.

Paxful may not be as secure as it often appears to be, but nonetheless, you can still comfortably trade on paxful.

Download Paxful From Play Store And Apple Store


Patricia Bitcoin is among the best amazing Android apps to sell your gift cards in Nigeria. It offers the best rates to sell your gift cards and get paid in Naira or BTC. It is secure and as well has good customer support, it’s one of the best Android apps to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

Although, the reviews on Patricia app, especially on Google play store can make you not want to trade with them, as a lot of negative comments that would make you run off from using the app. On the other hand, Patricia is an Android App you can trust because it really is not as bad as people labelled it.

Talking of gift cards trade, Patricia is one first gift card exchanger I ever knew and I assured you won’t regret using the application.

Download Patricia From Play Store And Website App


NOSH was built with its user in mind which makes it one of the best and amazing applications to trade gift cards directly on your phone.

The application is also coded with high-level encryption, trust and security with sure features you’d expect to see on a gift card trading app, this features includes redeeming your gift cards within minutes, 24/7 availability and uptime, responsive customer service and in-app live chat.

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One major reason you should try NOSH is because it is easy to register to get started, typically, transactions take a few minutes and payments on NOSH are processed immediately.

The average payment time is less than 5 minutes. To get started, you can Download Patricia From Play Store And Apple Store


Arguably, CardnCash is the best place to trade your gift cards for cash or bitcoin easily without losing it as long as you provide them with a valid gift card. They have the best rates and also offer a secured platform where your cards won’t be used during a transaction.

Just like other Android apps to trade gift cards, CardnCash accepts different gift cards currency and you’ll get paid instantly. This app also has a friendly user interface and a top-notch support system. It’s one of the best Android apps to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

Download CardnCash From Play Store And Website

With any of the above listed applications, I assured you, you will be having smooth and secured trades when selling your gift cards online Without any difficulty or being scammed.

Although, there are a lot more applications for selling gift cards as I have earlier mentioned. But these best five apps will keep you safe from gift card online scammers.

You should give any of them a try today by taking advantage of the unique deal where huge bonuses of up to 10% are available on gift cards on a regular basis.

Do not hesitate to share your thoughts using the comment box below. Also, if you think these are not the best gift card trading apps, you are welcome to share with us other dependable gift card trading apps you’ve previously used.

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