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How To Write The Perfect Business Analyst CV Free Course Coupon

Are you finding it difficult securing interview opportunities with your current Business Analyst CV? It takes 5-10secs for  Recruiters/Hiring Managers to decide if they will shortlist you for an interview, so you need a CV that will get their attention straightaway and secure you that opportunity 99% of the time.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get multiple calls a day? or better still multiple interview opportunities to help increase your chances of landing that dream job. I have gone through this experience myself for over 13 years and so I decided to developed a framework/concept that has gotten many of my clients/student shortlisted for interviews and finally helping them secure that job.

Mastering the art of writing a Business Analyst CV that gets you through all the stages requires time & effort. I have made that easy by providing the concept with practical tips & done for you templates to help you produce a robust Business Analyst CV.

This 3hours worth of content will give you some insight and knowledge on how I personally solved the problem of not getting interviews and also this method has worked for alot of my students/clients.

You need this course if:

  • You are a new graduate in the job market
  • You are an experienced Business Analyst looking to get into contracting
  • You are an undergraduate looking for work placement
  • You are an experienced Business Analyst looking to get into contracting
  • You are a Business Analyst looking for your next challenge
  • You are looking to change career and need to revamp your Business Analyst CV
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Here’s exactly what you will be able to do once you finish this course:

  • You will be able to write the Perfect Business Analyst CV that will multiply your interview opportunities
  • You will know what recruiters/hiring managers want on a CV
  • Understand the psychology behind the CV read flow of writing a CV
  • How not to write a CV
  • The RCV Models – The approach that will give you structure
  • Practical Examples & Templates to help you follow the concept
  • Use Bonus tools for CV & Cover letter writing

If you have been struggling with your confidence because you are not getting those calls for interview or perhaps you are just about to begin your transition into the world of business analysis from another sector and you don’t know how to write an effective Business Analyst CV, then this course is definitely for you.

If you are ready to give your CV a boost in the job market and some distinction to set you apart, click the enrol now button and I will see you on the other side. Here you will learn the approach and important nuggets on how to get your CV noticed instantly.

What you’ll learn

  • How to write a simplified and robust Business Analyst CV
  • How not to write a CV that is currently leaving you with no interview calls
  • The ultimate 99% success RCA model guaranteed to get your cv noticed and get you shortlisted.
  • The secret sauce to learning what hiring managers want to see on your CV.
  • Practical approach to writing the winning Business Analyst CV


  • You must be ready and willing to take action on what you are about to learn
  • You must be willing to put in the effort required for this to give you the result you are looking for


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