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How to Shop on Konga Nigeria: Buyer Guide

Konga is one of those online stores where you can shop for Electronics, Phones, Computers, Accessories, Fashion, Shoes, Household Equipments, Wines, Babies, Toys, Furnitures, Groceries, Medical Facilities, etc.

It is one of the best marketplace to get original products at the best prices with pay in delivery option.
Konga process most of their delivery through KOS delivery couriers. As a marketplace, their featured sellers have the option of making deliveries via reputed couriers.

To shop smartly in Konga. In this article, I will be guiding you on how to shop in the Konga store. After going through our article, you would like to stop by and shop online on Konga.

To shop on Konga, below is a buyers guide.

#1. Visit their Website

Phones and Tablets

To shop on konga, you would first visit their website before taking another step. Head to their official website –

#.2 Login/Sign-up

On visiting Konga website, you will see where it is written Login or Sign-up. You will have to either login on sign-up.

For login

You login only if you already have an existing account with konga. Login with Email and password… Success will pop up.

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You can begin to search for what you want in the search panel or navigate through the products.

For sign-up

Click on create an account on the site to sign up using your google account or Facebook.

A situation might occur where you will have to provide your username & password. If you don’t remember, then you don’t need to use the previous two accounts.

All you need to do is to provide a valid phone number since you will have to verify before logging in.

Verify then login to the site. A verification code of 4-digits would be sent to the registered number to complete your registration on Konga.

#3. Search for Product

Search for what you want using the search box by typing the product or item to search out the product then press the word.

Click on search and the product will show up. You can also navigate through categories.

#4. Click on the Product

You can now click on the product to see more details.

#5. Click on ‘Add to Cart’

Select the product and add it to the cart.

From the cart, you can have a look at what you want to buy. You will see boxes next to the image. One for the color of the item you want, the other for the quantity of the item you want.

Choose the color you want and specify the quantity you want.

#6. Add to Cart Basket

Once you click add to cart, choose color and specify quantity, you can now add to cart basket.

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The details of the product has been saved until when you are ready to pay for order.

Continue Shopping

You can shop for more in case you want more items.
Go to the cart which will take you to paying for the items you have chosen in checkout.

#7. Checkout Button

Once you click on ‘Go to cart’ it will bring you here. You have to make payment for your item.

Finalize Checkout

From here, you can complete all the boxes with another additional name, your address and email.

NB: If you are shopping for someone else, then use the address of the recipient.

From the box, there is the recipient address and there is the buyer address, choose the box with the address of the person that will be the recipient.

Ensure to tick the correct boxes.
Click on continue to the next step.

Review Your Purchase.

You have the option to review your purchases. As this, you need to check that you are ordering the right item and at the right quantity.

Also ensure to check you fill in your correct name and address.

Konga Delivery Method

Delivery is done via KOS delivery couriers and other reputed couriers but no added cost.

Standard delivery time is about 7days.

Konga Payment Method

You can choose a payment method of your choice, by either choosing Pay Now delivery method or Pay on delivery.

Pay Now Delivery; (Cards payment or Bank Transfer).

1. (Cards Payment): Enter your credit or debit card details and other details that are needed. Confirm your card details then make your payment.

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2. (Bank Transfer): Transfer your payment to the account details provided.

You will receive an email that your order of items has been received and confirmed. From the instant, you can start expecting delivery by tracking your order till it has been delivered.

3. Pay on Delivery: (Cash on delivery)
You will need to lay in cash as your products arrive.

Other Payment Methods

  1. Cash Deposit
  2. Kongapay
  3. Wallet Verve
  4. Mastercard or Visa.

How to Cancel an Order

You might want to cancel an order after a change of mind or you notice what you wanted is not what you wanted.

All you need to do is to click on the cancel order button. Once you click on that, a window will pop up, this will help you confirm your act of cancelation.

Now select your reason for canceling the order. Your dashboard must have changed from “Being processed” to “Being canceled”. Your order has been canceled.

With this full guide, you can find it easy to start shopping on Konga today!

Kongo Nigeria:

Order now and enjoy the super fast delivery to your location nationwide!

Kongo Nigeria Apps is available for both Android and Apple Device: follow link to download Android & iOS

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