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How to Shop on Jumia Nigeria: Buyer Guide

Have you been having trouble shopping online or you have been wondering how you can make an online order, pay and get it delivered to you by door delivery or pickup station but don’t know how to go about it?

Jumia is no doubt number one online shopping site in Nigeria as it is the best rated and top eCommerce where you can make orders, pay and get it delivered either by door delivery or pick station for all kinds of products in the following categories.

  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Office
  • Phone & Tablet
  • Computing Electronics
  • Women’s fashion
  • Men’s fashion
  • Baby products
  • Gaming
  • Sporting Goods & Automobile

Other of their service includes:

  • Pay Electricity Bills
  • Pay airtime & Bills
  • Jumia Food & Sell on Jumia.

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Phones and Tablets

I have come up with a buyer’s guide that will save you all the troubles of placing an order on Jumia which will as well guide you through the process of ordering, payment and how to get it delivered. Jumia is always your sure blug, safe to use and no scam. Most importantly, always endeavor to visit through their official website to avoid being scammed.

The below are easy buyer guide on How to shop on Jumia Nigeria:

1. Visit Their Official Website:

The foremost step to shop on Jumia is to first visit Jumia official site @

2. Search for Your Favorite Product:

The next step to take after you have visited their website is to search for your favorite product on the search bar or simply navigate through the categories. Alternatively, you can scroll through the homepage. There are as many products as possible to choose your favorite.

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3. Click on the Product to see more detail
On searching your favorite product, you can now click on the product to see more detail about the product including the full name and price.

4. Variation of Size Guide Options
Now select the size you want from the size options. There are three size options from the size option which are S (Small), M (Medium), L (Large).

5. Choose Your Location
Now choose the state and city where the delivery person can locate you from the list.
Make sure you put the right location, so it will be easy to locate you for delivery.

6. Click on the “Add to Cart” Button
Click on the add to cart and the image of your product will appear more boldly.

7. Specify the quantity of product you want. Once you click on the add to cart button, you will have to specify the quantity of the product you want.

There are positive (+) and negative (-) signs, the positive sign is used for increasing the number of products while the negative sign is you for decreasing the number of products. Depending on the number of items you want. “Product add successfully” message will pop up.

8. Click on the Cart Basket

Once you add to Cart and specify the quantity of your choice. At the right hand corner up there is a cart basket with the quantity of items you want to buy.

9. Checkout

Tap on the checkout button and “View Cart and Checkout” to checkout your product. Or click on “Continue to Shopping” in case you want more items or “Proceed checkout” If you are done. It will take you to the next step then start shopping.

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10. Login to Your account
On checking the cart basket, you will have to login your Email and Password.

11. New to Jumia?
If you are new to Jumia you are required to sign up and create an account. Provide your First name, Last name, Email, Password and Phone number (optional).

12. Accept the Term and Conditions
After providing the necessary information as I have written above, click on “I accept the Term & Conditions”.

In case you want to be receiving updates click on “I want to receive Jumia Newsletter” then click on Create account button.

13. Address Book:

You will be taken to the Address Book once you accept Terms and Conditions where you can add other additional information like other phone numbers etc. Click on save changes.

14. Select a Delivery Method:

Select a delivery method, The two delivery methods are: Door Delivery and Pickup Station. Pick any of them.

If you are picking a Pickup station, you will have to select Station. You will be asking to select a station near you. Select the one more close to you from the list.
For door delivery, you can contact them through the number on their website.

15. Select a payment method
Cards (Bank Transfer) or Cash on Delivery. i.e you can choose to pay before delivery or cash on delivery.
Use Voucher if you have one by entering your Voucher/Sure Gift Code

16. Once done you should confirm.
NB: if you have login before and you didn’t logout, guide No 10 to 13 is not applicable.
In case you order the wrong product and you want to return the order.

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Once detected earlier, click on Order to Cancel your order. From the option you will be asked to choose reasons why you want to cancel, click on the option that best matches your reason and click submit.

Go to the inbox in their navigation bar, you will see a cancelled alert that your order has successfully been canceled.

I will love to help you out on how to completely shop with Jumia Nigeria. If you have any questions, comment below. I’ll be happy to guide you. Thanks

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