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How to Shop On Jiji Nigeria: Buyer Guide

Jiji is an african online marketplace/store that provides buyers and sellers with an avenue to meet and exchange goods and services.

According to wikipedia, as at January 2018 , it attract over 160,000 sellers and 7 million original users per months, who look for bargains in cars, household goods, mobile phones, cosmetics, toys, pets, livestock, electronics, services, and most recently, to look for jobs by searching through job vacancies.


Jiji was founded in 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria by Anton Wolyansky, who is the company CEO.

Phones and Tablets

In autumn 2015 Jiji started a project known as Jiji blog, providing visitors with the information on business, technologies, entertainment, lifestyle, tips, life stories, news.

Jiji partnered with Airtel, a global telecommunications services company in 2016. This meant that customers to Jiji site will not pay for data if they access the websites via the Airtel network.

In November 2016, Jiji held their first conference for sellers, which took place in Westown Hotel in Lagos.

In April 2017, Jiji received Nigeria Internet Registration Association Awards as the most innovative online service of the year in Nigeria.

According to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Jiji is one of the main online retailers of the century. Serve a mass-market clientele.

Having gotten to the top 5 representative in commerce and retail category, Jiji emerged as the finalist of the most West African Mobile Award (WAMA) in May 2017.

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As at March 8, 2018, Jiji is ranked as the 39th overall most visited website in Nigeria by Alexa and as the 32nd top site in Nigeria for all categories by similar web.

Since 2019, Jiji has been operating in five African countries; Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania.

Although there is also a separate corporate website dedicated to the primary achievements and mission of their brand — But their official shopping site is

They also have the mobile version of their website, developed for Android and iOS. According to Google play statistics, Jiji App is the list of ten most downloaded apps in Nigeria.

Categories of products on Jiji

You can buy and sell products on Jiji ranging from the following categories:

  • Household goods
  • Livestock
  • Electronics services
  • Toys
  • Pets
  • Mobile Phones
  • Cosmetics
  • Vehicle etc.

How to shop on jiji – complete guide

#1. Visit Their Website

The first thing to do is to visit their official website – or download their app.

#2. Sign/ Create Account

After launching their site, you should either sign or create Accounts.

sign in using google account, Facebook, True caller or your Email/Phone number.

#3. Create an account if you don’t want to use the previous four.

Now click on Registration. Enter your email, password, first name, last name and phone number. Tick “I agree with rules.” Then click on Register.

#4. Search for Product

Search for what you want by using a search panel with filters. There are over a million advertising, so choose whichever you are looking for.

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#5. Click on Item

Once you have searched for what you want, click on the item.

#6. Contact A Seller

You may chat on jiji or call a seller with the number provided via phone and set up a physical meeting, discuss details and negotiate about the price.

Take Your Items or Order A Delivery

Take your item to a nearby location or order a delivery.

While taking your order, always check twice to be sure what you order is what you get.

Meet with the delivery person and be sure to pay only after you get the item. Even though Jiji checks their sellers carefully, it is better to check twice.

Leave A Feedback

Leave feedback about the seller. Share your experience by writing a feed on the seller’s pages.

Haven complete guides on how to shop on jiji. Just follow these guides to purchase perhaps your first item.

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