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How to Deactivate USSD Code from Working With Any Bank in Nigeria

Have you been searching online on how to deactivate your bank USSD code in Nigeria, if yes in this article I will be guiding you on a step-by-step tutorial on how to deactivate your mobile banking USSD code.

Deactivating your USSD code for any of the mobile banking, is one of the things you should know because to avoid losing Money from your bank account when you lose your mobile phone. We are providing you with these articles to make sure you take the needed steps to protect your bank account!

A lot customers of the Nigerian bank reports lost to their Bank due to loss of money without their consent from the bank account this is due to misplacement of their device.

What are the steps to keep your account safe

Security: use a strong pin that only you can access and make transactions with your account.
SIM: Do not allow any person you don’t trust have full access to your account direct or indirect.
Smartphones/Devices: They’re a direct method to manipulate your device and get access to your account. Always make sure it’s safe.

If you’re looking for how to deactivate the USSD code on your SIM card for any of the banks you are using. The Nigerian bank has taken a security measure to protect each and every customer by providing a simple code which users can use to deactivate and reactivate the USSD code.

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Without further adieu, let me show you the complete list of USSD code you can use to deactivate your Bank from working on any device.

List of bank USSD Deactivation Code for all Bank in Nigeria

  1. First Bank – *894*911#
  2. UBA – *919*911#
  3. Access Bank – *901*911#
  4. Ecobank – *326*911#
  5. Sterling Bank *822*911#
  6. FCMB – *329*911#
  7. Fidelity Bank – *770*911#
  8. WEMA Bank *945*911#
  9. Heritage Bank – *745*7#
  10. GTBank – *737*51*74#
  11. Zenith Bank – *966*911#
  12. Keystone Bank – *7111*911#
  13. Unity Bank – *7799*911#

With the list of the above USSD code you will be able to deactivate your bank from working with any registered SIM card, all you to do is to input the mobile phone number you want to deactivate and then enter the full name of your account to verify you’re the rightful owner of the bank account you want to deactivate.

Note: You can only deactivate your registered SIM card from not working with your bank account.

How to reactivate USSD Code for your Bank Account.

After deactivating your USSD code and you want to reactivate it, all you have to do is visit any nearest bank nearby. The Bank customer support will attend to you immediately and reactivate and register it with a new sim card.


We have covered in detail how you can successfully deactivate USSD code from working with any mobile device that got missing or stolen. This article is to protect your account safely and prevent thieves from stealing your money from your bank account.

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If you’re looking forward to the best method of protecting your bank account, it’s recommended to visit the bank and make a complaint, informing the bank to close down your account or simply block your sim card by contacting the network customer care.

We’re very sure you will be able to protect your account with the above information provided to you, we’ll love to hear your comment below and don’t forget to share these articles with friends. Thank you.

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