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Google data safety section will warn you of apps invading your privacy

Google’s data safety section will help protect user data and keep a tab on applications downloaded from the Play Store. Before now, users have complained about certain applications violating user privacy by collecting a huge amount of user data, either without the knowledge of the user or forcibly – before they can use the app.

Certain applications insist on access to your microphone, media files, documents, and so much more. The fear is that, once these accesses are granted, they can easily start gathering data from mentioned sources.

This is a cause for cancern because there is little or no knowledge as to how much user data is got and its use. Big tech companies like Google have continued to fight for transparency from developers regarding their apps and the sort of user data it collects.

Google taking the war against user data privacy to developers and users

To fight the collection of user data without the consent or knowledge of Android users, the Google data safety section now requests a full breakdown of information from developers. This information requested by Google includes;

  • What kind of data is collected and how do developers use this data.
  • How the data collected is treated or handled.
  • If any third-party apps have access to these collected data.
  • If the said application commits itself to protect children on the PlayStore hence abiding by Google Play Family Policy.
  • What standard security procedures are taken before developers can access user data.

The total assimilation of response from developers will then be available for public viewing. This way users can get to know which private data will be in use before downloading any application. This will help users filter out applications that they feel requests access to certain things that users aren’t willing to divulge.

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This data safety section was to launch in February, but arrived on PlayStore early this week. Roll out of this feature will occur gradually in the coming weeks. In the meantime, developers are to submit forms disclosing how they operate user data gathered by their apps on the PlayStore. All submissions are to be done early, as the deadline for form submission is in 12 weeks. Failure to prepare and submit the said form will attract penalties to developers and their applications, says Google.

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