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If production goes as planned, the Tesla smartphone will be available for purchase later this year of 2022. At first, the Tesla Model Python will be launched in the United States, then to other countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, India and others.

There has been a lot of excitement ever since Tesla’s plans of manufacturing a concept smartphone was leaked to the public. Major players in the smartphone industry such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei have also been thrown into confusion.

The mockup design of the Tesla Pythonwas made as early as 2018.

Antonio DeRosa is the man behind the design of the smart gadget.

You can be sure to expect a high quality phone given Antonio’s rich experience in developing iPhones and Apple,the talented designer has come up with a device that will turn the smartphone industry upside down.

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The Tesla Model Python will have a real time GPS service. The instantaneous GPS service will be enabled by the StarlinkConstellation satellites. A real time GPS surely seems quite possible with Starlink’s coverage, and a phone could greatly capitalize on it if it’s made exclusive. As such, its top quality GPS capacity will immediately update any newstreets in a given city.

The just released Model Python will make GPS imaging and pathfinding services easier. The GPS feature will be a big plus to the Tesla cars that are also expected to go fully autonomous.

The smartphone will also work in forestsand mountains as it has a satellite network connection,unlike the normal phones that lose connection in such areas as they use a cellular connection. People are always curious to know the price of any product when it’s being released and the case is no different for the Tesla Model Python.

Even before we mention the price,it is necessary that Tesla’s smartphone is a futuristic phone that has exceptional features.

The price of the Tesla Python will be in the high range of smartphones because it has a rare specification that is very costly.

We can say that the price of this smartphone will be greater than the iPhone.

The concept smartphone will attracta price of around $800 to one $200. Once you have been impressed by the properties of a phone and are comfortable with the price, the next thing is definitely to make an order or buy the phone.

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It is important for you to understand the pre ordering process of Tesla so that you will be among the first people that will get the phone as soon as it is available for purchase.

If Tesla continues to follow the same patterns as before, pre ordering will most likely be done via their website.

Tesla does not believe in dealerships showrooms even for their cars. As a result, they require all of their clients to place their orders and pre orders through the official Tesla website.

If Musk’s Tesla decides to go the preordering way and it is expected it will. As such, it will receive over a million pre orders within the first month alone.

At this point, the Tesla shares will really increase in prices, just as they did in October 2021 when Tesla got a massive order of delivering 1000 EVs to Hertz.

Elon is likely to make a fortune from the sale of smartphones, which may see him reach the half trillion dollar Mark.

The sale of smartphones is very lucrative and has made Apple to be the most valuable company at $2.8 trillion. You can expect Tesla to perform even better when their Model Piesmartphone finally hits the market.

Tesla has many advantages over Apple as it deals with products that will greatly shape our future, such as the Tesla EVs and the Tesla Humanoids,which are basically human robots.

The just released Tesla Python will also support Neuralink, which is a technology that makes it possible for users to control the phones with their thoughts.

The Tesla Model Pi will be useful in facilitating communication between doctors for accident victims.

The physicians will use the Tesla Model Pito read the thoughts of such a patient. Therefore, patients who are not able to talk will have an opportunity to express themselves through the phone.

It is just a wonder how the phone will greatly impact the future of medical treatment. Only the Tesla Modelpie is capable of making such a transformation.

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Come to think of it, how the phone will also help the deafand dumb people in communication. They will no longer have to use sign language or write down what they are thinking about.

The just released Tesla Model Pie will be enough to relay the thoughts of such a special group of people in society. A keen look at the Tesla’s smartphone reveals that Elon Musk is committed to solve the problems of humanity by making the world a better place.

The world needs more Elons.

The just released Tesla phone will not just be a next generation phone, but it is also meant to function in the neighboring planet of Mars.

The users of the Python will also have the advantage of using the smart gadget to mine a digital currency known as Mars Coin.

The cryptocurrency will be used on Mars, but how long will it take before we use the Tesla pipeline on the Red Planet?

Here’s the answer.

Musk has repeatedly said that he plans to build a life sustaining city on Mars by 2050.

That simply means we have less than 30 years to go.

It will be easy to identify the just released Tesla phone as it has a large Tesla logo T.

The beauty of the sleek concept phone is enhanced by the shining logo. You can see an Alphabet and the number four just below the logo.

The Tesla logo will mean a lot for the smartphone as it carries with it class and a great brand. Musk’s fans will always brandish their phone’s logo as a show of loyalty and love to the tech icon.

The logo will also be very sophisticated as it will be the identifying Mark that distinguishes the legit Tesla phones and any counterfeits that may be made.

The Tesla Model Python will also have the 5G capabilities.

This simply means that the Tesla phone will be able to power technology well beyond what current mobile technology permits. As we move to the future, a very fast internet will become a necessity. The good thing with the Tesla Model Python is that it will use the fast satellite internet connection.

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It will receive the internet connection from the Starlink satellites that have been launched into the Earth’s orbit. The speed of the internet will be so fast that it will achieve speeds of 200 megabits per second.

The reliable and stable internet connection will enable the Python users to livestream their favorite television shows on YouTube without any interruptions.

What makes the phone even better is that it will have built in WiFi?

So far, more than 2500 have started using the Starlink satellite internet.

The subscribers are spread among 25 different countries. You only have to part with $99.99 a month for you to enjoy the extremely fast satellite internet.

Elon’s aim is to ensure that even people in remote places across the world can be connected to the internet. The exterior of Tesla’s smartphone is believed to be made of metallic materials,giving it a metallic feel.

With such an exterior, the phone’s protection will be substantially enhanced. Musk will also incorporate technologies and give the Tesla phones photo chromic coating.

In other words, the photo chromic effect will allow the Tesla model to change color depending on its surroundings.

What attracts most people to the Tesla Model Python is the mere fact that it has four cameras.

Most people will use the main camera for even professional video shooting as it has a high resolution of 108 megapixels. You can rely on the just released Tesla Model Pi to take that perfect shot.

When you are in a photoshoot exercise, you can point this phone at the sky at night and take high quality pictures of the stars.

There’s even more to those cameras such as the ability to use one lens to take a photo and another to record video at the same time.

There is no doubt that the just released model Python will drastically change the smartphone market when it is available for purchase later in the year. At that time, you will only have to make a preorder of the phone via the Tesla website.

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