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Customers with a Mobile Device can now use only 50 MB of Data per Hour on Showmax

Showmax is one of the most popular video-on-demand services available. MultiChoice owns the platform, which has seen significant development over the years and has just begun screening original series.

It has also teamed with telecom Safaricom to provide clients with some of the greatest streaming packages, including a ₦1,398 naira plan that includes a gig of bandwidth.

Customers will now consume less data on their phones as a result of new advancements announced by the corporation. With the addition of a Max Data Saving option that utilizes only 50MB per hour, users will have more control over how much data they use.

This feature is now only accessible on the iOS version of the Showmax app, but it will be available to Android users soon.

Showmax had previously added two modes: Low and Data Savings, which use up to 300MB and 100MB per hour, respectively.

The Maximum Quality setting, on the other hand, uses up to 1.4GB every hour to offer you the greatest possible picture.

The data modes may be found in your iOS mobile Showmax app’s Settings > App Preferences, where you can select the video quality for both Wi-Fi and cellular.

Alternatively, after pressing play, select the optimum quality for you by clicking the Video Quality wheel button underneath the video.

Showmax and Showmax Pro are both offered on mobile-only plans at ₦1,075 naira per month for Showmax Mobile and ₦3,764 naira per month for Showmax Pro Mobile, which can be viewed on a single mobile device.

“Showmax is built for Africa,” says Barry Dubovsky;

chief operating officer of MultiChoice Connected Video. “Africa is a mobile-first continent where data costs remain a barrier to streaming.”

“Showmax was the first streaming service in Africa to allow for mobile downloads for offline viewing and to create a mobile-only package, so we want to keep tailoring Showmax to African reality.”

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