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How to Buy Smartphone On Credit And Pay Later in Nigeria

Are you searching for a store/platform where you can buy a smartphone and pay later in Nigeria? Or searching for how to buy a smartphone and pay later. In this article we will be guiding you on how to buy a smartphone in Nigeria and pay back later.

Buying and paying later for a smartphone is now made easy with the systematic method of purchasing phones in Nigeria. This has really helped the non-salary earner and a lot of people are buying smartphones and paying installment. 

There is no products of any mobile phone that you won’t get with this store or platform, starting from the iPhone down to any of the smartphone you think of you can get it at affordable price rate, buy phone and pay later is one of the best things I ever suggest for each and everyone that is interested buying a phone and paying later.

There are about five stores/platforms where you can buy and pay later in Nigeria, below we guide you starting from requirements, purchasing, and contact details to reach them.

Top 4 Stores/platforms to Buy Phone on Credit

2Slot Nigeria
4Jumia Flex


Easybuy is one of the best mobile device financing platforms which is operated by palmcredit, with the help of easybuy you can buy and pay later using the Easybuy mobile app without visiting any of their official stores in Nigeria.

Easybuy offers the best financing plans for people who are interested in buying smartphones and paying back later. All you have to do is make an initial deposit of 30% and pay back the remaining 70% using the mobile application.

The most interesting part is Easybuy allow you to spread the payment of the 70% by allowing you extend the months for paying back, the Easybuy payment plans are 3months and 6months with an interest rate of 0.2% per day, which is 6% per months in total.

Easybuy Available smartphones:

You can buy different brands of smartphone on Easybuy starting from Tecno, Infinix, Xiaomi, iphone, Samsung, etc.

Easybuy Requirements:

All needed requirement before you can be able to buy smartphone on credit with Easybuy mobile financing here are what you need:

  1. Valid Identity Card i.e (Driver License, National Identity card, Voter Card or Passport)
  2. BVN
  3. Valid ATM Card

In addition to the requirement you are to provide at least 2-4 collateral, this can either be your friends or any family members and also tell them your monthly income which enables them to consider you paying installment for the phone every month.

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How to buy phone on credit with Easybuy – Full Details

In full details we are going to be guiding you on how to purchase a mobile phone with easybuy and paying back later. 

Easybuy store is now available in every state in Nigeria, where you can buy smartphones on credit. To get any of your dream smartphone follow me while I show you or you need to do:

Visit EasyBuy Partner stores Nearby, locate Easybuy Agent.

Lot of people have been complaining concerning where to locate the easybuy store or any of their agents? Easybuy operates a model where they have a lot of agents which sign in new customers each and everyday to the platform. 

Easybuy agents are uniquely identified by their T-Shirt with Easybuy brand and logo, you can easily find them in any of the smartphone stores nearby, take a walk to any of their agents.

If you find it difficult locating their store or any of their agents, you can contact them using the following: Facebook, Twitter. for proper direction and guidance.

Choose your preferable Smartphones you want.

After locating Easybuy Stores or any of their agents, you can decide which of the smartphones or devices you want to buy. Easybuy has a large range of devices, so you are free to explore which of the phones you want to buy.

Register by filling the Easybuy Form.

After deciding on the phone you want to buy, you will need to register with an Easybuy agent in which you are going to fill the form given to you, providing the following details; phone number, home address, company name, salary information, BVN, valid identification and debit card (to enable auto-debit when monthly paybacks are due).

Easybuy Installment – Paying Monthly

After getting your preferable phone via Easybuy, you have to pay back monthly based on your agreement with them. How to pay back monthly without visiting their store?

Yes, you can pay back monthly without visiting any of the official store in Nigeria, all you need is Easybuy Mobile Application from Playstore.

  1. Download Easybuy Mobile App
  2. After download, open the app and enter your login information.
  3. Navigate the option repayment or installment on the app screen and click pay.
  4. Verify the payment, using your debit card or other payment method on the app.

How to contact Easybuy For Support?

Easybuy customer support is 24-hour Active on all social Media platforms you can reach out to them with the following;

  • Facebook
  • Use the mobile app live chat.
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That’s all on how to buy a phone or device on Easybuy and payback later. 

Slot Nigeria

Slot Nigeria is one of the largest mobile phone retailers in Nigeria whose headquarters is located in Lagos, Slot Nigeria has about 60 stores across 19 states in Nigeria.

Slot Nigeria sells all kinds of mobile phone and electronics gadgets and a lot more, they also have an online shopping website like jumia, Kongo, where people Order Gadgets and more..

The interesting part about slot Nigeria is they have a department where you can purchase a phone on credit and pay back later. Most of the low salary earners in Nigeria and Customers make use of this systematic method of buying smartphones and paying back using slot Nigeria.

Slot Nigeria department in charge of buying a smartphone and paying later in Nigeria has a 3 and 6 month payment plan for any Smartphones of your choice, this means we are going to make a payment within the 3 and 6 month.

How to buy phone and pay later with Slot Nigeria

If you want to buy any mobile phone and payback later with Slot Nigeria, kindly visit any of their branches nearby and make enquiry concerning the mobile phone or device you want.

If you have any questions or need directions concerning how to buy Mobile Phone on credit, kindly contact any of the Slot Nigeria sales cooperate department, you’ll be guided on what to do.

How to contact Slot Nigeria For Support?

You can contact slot Nigeria for more inquiry by send an email to: or use the following social media handle below:


SparNigeria has made it easy for every Customers who are interested in buying and paying later for accessories, home appliances, Laptop, Smartphone and many more. 

Spar Nigeria decided to introduce A “pay easy plan” for its customers to enable them to buy and do easy monthly payments schemes that will allow the customer to choose from a 3-month plan up to a year plan payment for any of the product or goods that they purchased on credit.

How to buy a phone and pay Later with SparNigeria

To buy a mobile phone or electronics of your choice you need to provide the following details:

  1. Full Name, Address, Valid ID Card.
  2. 6 months Bank Statement as a salary earner.
  3. BVN Details
  4. Direct Debit facility for Customers
  5. And Other Directed Information to provide.

What are the requirements needed

Customers who are eligible to buy and pay later with sparNigeria should be aged 22years above, minimum of a year employment, and own a salary account with Nigeria Commercial Bank.

How to contact sparNigeria For Support?

You can contact sparNigeria for more inquiry by visiting: or use the following social media handle below:

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Jumia Nigeria

Jumia is one of the top 10 popular stores or platforms in Nigeria where everyone purchases mobile phones and devices, you buy or order on jumia Nigeria it will be delivered to your address or doorstep.

Jumia Nigeria currently introduce: Jumia Flex – Buy Now And Pay Small Small, this enable customers to purchase any mobile phone or devices on credit and pay back later, you can also upgrade your current devices or smartphones starting from Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Google Pixel, Oppo, Tecno, Infinix and other top smartphones. and pay small, small.

With Jumia Flex, you will be able to buy and pay back later for the duration of 3 to 6 months as an offer, this offer is only available in Lagos where you are to make an initial deposit for any device of your choice.

Why is this offer not for every state?

The Jumia Nigeria headquarters is based in Lagos, most of their customers are around the state which make it easy to deliver it fast without a delivery fee, paying back can easily be done without the mobile application.

Jumia Flex Requirements

To enable you buy and pay later with Jumia Flex, you’re required to make the following details below;

  1. Bank Statement from last 6 months (in PDF)
  2. BVN
  3. Valid ID card i.e (National ID card, Voters Card, Driver’s license or Passport)

How to buy phone on credit with Jumia Flex in Nigeria 

If you’re interested in buying smartphone or any devices and paying back later with Jumia Flex, follow the below procedure:

  1. Visit: on PC or Mobile Browser.
  2. Select Your Desired Device & Fill the Form.
  3. You’re to wait for 3days to review and approve you, if you’re approved you’ll be directed on how to make payments with your bank account.
  4. You’ll be directed to make an initial deposit and after it’s successfully deposited, your device will be available for pickup in person which will be delivered at your home address or Jumia center at Yaba, Lagos.

How to contact Jumia Flex For Support?

You can contact Jumia Flex for more inquiry and info: use the following social media handle below:


We love the fact that Nigeria is making it easy for customers and people to purchase smartphones or devices of their choice and paying back later within 3 to 6 months. Other top companies are also trying to start the same business to help citizens, mostly the high school students, to make sure everyone has the opportunity to buy smartphones and other devices when needed. I’ll keep you updated on any official stores or Platforms planning to establish their business, and make reviews about them.

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