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Best VTU Platform to Start VTU Business in Nigeria

Starting a VTU Business in Nigeria simply means you are ready to offer mobile top up, data subscription and TV subscription such as DSTV and GoTV.

So, when planning to start VTU Business in Nigeria, you should consider the cheapest VTU platform/app in Nigeria which would guarantee high profit for you like RECHARGE AND GAIN

You can use as low as N1,000, N2,000 or N3,000 to start this business and you can be making over 150k monthly doing this business only. That’s why you really need cheap vtu platform to partner with and the best is Recharge and gain

Without no further Ado, let’s dive into the main reason of this article. And after your reading, feel free to share this article anywhere in the world.

You don’t need paper recharge card anymore, it’s done virtually like the way you recharge from your bank account.

However, as a reseller, you buy these products from *Recharge and gain* at low price and re-sell it at high price. For instance, 1GB is currently ₦218 on Recharge and gain as a reseller may decide to sell it at ₦300 or ₦350

With this business strategy, if such reseller sell at least 8Gb data bundles in a day, he’ll make N2,000 as profit that’s N60,000 per month, just from data bundles alone. However, h/she will be selling more than that data bundles on a daily basis.

How to Start a VTU Business in Nigeria

One of the best way to build financial stability in Nigeria is to start a lucrative business. However, VTU Business is one of the lucrative business to start with in Nigeria. Here’s how to start.

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To start the business, you will need to register as an agent and we recommend you RECHARGE AND GAIN Once your registration has been completed you need to upgrade to Reseller package with just ₦1000 and a wallet will be provided in the account, fund the wallet and begins to buy airtime, data bundles and other subscription plans at very cheap rate and then resell it to final users at your own rate.

Do note that Recharge and gain is opened to anyone who is willing to buy directly from them, however, the price for registered agents (Resellers) are always cheaper than ordinary customers.

As a VTU agent or reseller, you will have the privilege to make money simply by reselling airtime recharge, data subscription and other subscription bundles like Cable TV such as DSTV and GoTV, Utility bills such as Electricity Distribution Bills and Waste Management Company Bills etc.

Reselling those products mentioned above, Recharge and gain will pay commissions whenever a reseller (agent) complete a purchase.

Benefits of Starting a VTU Business in Nigeria

Here are the advantages of start a VTU Business in Nigeria.

Today, the VTU business has become increasingly well-known among Nigerians for several benefits. The business is considered by many to be one of the easiest businesses anyone can start in 2022. The VTU business is one of the profitable businesses any individual looking to start a small business can do.

Not quite long ago, the most popular way of recharging a phone with airtime or credit is by buying a recharge card. Then loading it on your phone with a USSD code. According to Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), there are over 165 million active GSM LINES in Nigeria as of September 2018.

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Now, virtual top-up has made it easy to recharge and have provide opportunity to Nigerian youth to make money online.

Another amazing benefits of starting a VTU Business in Nigeria is that it doesn’t require high capital to start. You can simply start with 1000 Naira to 10,000 Naira.

A VTU Business can be done anywhere in Nigeria, even from the comfort of your home. It doesn’t require a full and we’ll organized physical location and full operational staff. However, it’s a independent-owned business managed by you.

In addition, VTU Business doesn’t require a very large equipment to effectively start the business in Nigeria. And since it doesn’t really matter to own a physical location for the business, you can simply promote it on social media platforms and blogs.

Tools Needed to Start a VTU Business in Nigeria

To start a virtual top-up business in Nigeria, here are some equipments/tools that will help you to build a succeed in VTU Business in Nigeria.

1. Smartphone or PC

To start VTU business, you will need a smartphone or personal computer that is in good condition to avoid sluggish attitude that might cause delay when doing transactions.

2. VTU Application or website

Download Recharge and gain app on your device to start the business or use their web link

3. Bank Account/Debit Card

Your bank account will be used to fund your VTU wallet, either by doing mobile app transfer or pay via debit card.

4. Internet Connection

You will need a good internet connection to avoid slow loading of your dashboard. So, I will advise you to use a good Sim card. I strongly recommend MTN because it serves almost all Nigerian.

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5. Means of Advertisement

After you’ve successfully setup your VTU Business on Recharge and gain the next step is to create awareness. This can be created via social media such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram or blogs at cheap price.


Recharge and gain is newly launched and owned by a young entrepreneur Mubarak Akorede and the platform has been one of the best VTU platform in Nigerian with features that make payment easy for its customers. Recharge and gain has a nice user interface and clean dashboard which makes navigation easier for its customer. It’s one of the platforms that have the most affordable data plan as you can get 1GB as low as 222 naira only as a smart user. has up to 4 different methods to fund your wallet, giving its users the most convenient ways to add funds to their wallet. These are the available options

  • Fund with Bank ( Direct )
  • Fund with Bank Transfer (Automated)
  • Fund with USSD
  • Fund with Bank (Manual)
  • Fund with Card

Rechargeandgain has both Web for its IOS users and Android App for its Android users. It offers mouth-watering commissions to its agent which they can withdraw their earnings to their local bank anytime

Visit their website to get started with

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