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Top 10 Apps to Improve Your Smartphone’s Performance (Fast & Speed)

Are you experiencing slow performance, hanging, freezing in your device and it has been slowing down your task whenever you are operating your smartphone, In this article I’ll walking you through top 10 mobile app to download and install from playstore, and how to made use of this application immediately installed.

As you already know using an Android’s phone which operate slow is annoying and frustrating in this case, Developer try all possible best to develop a standard mobile app which support all android mobile phone to clean all junks files and others unused apps on the device.

Before writing this article: I’ve made lot of research and tested different apps on my android device, also check user reviews on playstore, which enable me to write in details for the best App that speedup phone performance, below are the list of apps and a step-by-step guide how to made use of it.

Clean Master

Phones and Tablets

Clean Master can be all-in-one software program that can boost an Android device’s performance while also freeing up valuable memory space.

Clean Master has a 4.5 star rating average on Google Play, based on 31 million reviews, so you know it’s got to be good.

How to use: Clean Master:- Here’s a step-by-step guide; 

  • To get started, download, install, and run the app. The initial scan looks for ‘junk,’ which includes cached files, data no longer needed by apps like Twitter, and more.
  • It gives a detailed breakdown of all the files it intends to delete, as well as how much space will be freed up.
  • Tap the big Clean Junk button to get rid of everything. The app frees up storage space on your phone and may boost performance.
  • That was the simple part. There’s an Advanced button in the upper right corner.
  • When you tap it, you’ll be presented with a slew of new options, all of which we’ll go over in detail later.
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Users will be eased to learn that they can download and install this program for free. There are no subscription fees or other upfront payments required.


Clean Master will behave differently depending on the device you’re using. This is mainly because different Android operating systems will necessarily require slightly different packages. This program, on the other hand, is regularly updated.

Download Clean Master Apps – Android Version

DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

DU Speed Booster is an Android Optimizer that accelerates and cleans up unwanted files from your device while also providing a FREE built-in antivirus security feature, battery saver, and other useful features.

It’s an excellent app with a lot of features that is completely free. It can increase your phone’s speed by up to 70%, clean junk files from your device, and increase your phone storage. If you’re wondering how to use this app, take a look at the instructions below.

How to Use DU Speed Booster : Watch Video


Security – DU Speed Booster helps protect your Android device from viruses. It enables you to manage app permissions in order to limit your apps’ access to private information.


  • Not Free from Ads

Download DU Speed Booster Apps – Android Version


Greenify is a tool that lets you to hibernate any background application on your Android device so that it doesn’t drain your battery when you’re not using it.

Greenify is an increasingly handy app that will allow you to save a significant amount of battery power. Furthermore, unlike other apps that allow you to ‘kill off’ apps, Greenify allows you to easily and quickly resume using them by simply restarting them.

How to use Greenify Watch Video;

Download Greenify Apps – Android Version


CCleaner for Android is an Android version that allows users to clean up their devices, potentially freeing up space and making them safer and faster to use. The program analyzes the device in question, identifying and removing ‘junk’ files.

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How to use CCleaner Watch Video


  • The software is free to use, and the free version includes all of the core features.
  • CCleaner for Android is compatible with any Android 4.0 or higher mobile or tablet device.
  • The application is simple to use and was created with inexperienced users in mind.


  • None.

Download CCleaner Apps – Android Version

Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup is a memory cleaning application that removes redundant files, applications, and data from your device to free up space, allowing it to run faster and more smoothly.

How to use Avast Cleanup (Watch Video)


  • Clean your RAM to improve the performance of your device.
  • Stop using apps that consume a significant amount of CPU, battery, memory, and traffic.
  • Remove any bloatware data that was pre-installed.
  • Remove any apps that you never use.
  • Increase battery life


  • Premium is expensive but cool.

Download Avast Cleanup Apps – Android Version

Phone Master

Phone Master is a full-featured tool that allows you to improve the performance of your Android while also freeing up space quickly and easily.

Put an end to the never-ending lists of trash files that accumulate on your device and external memory.

Manage any apps on your smartphone and significantly reduce the lag time you’d otherwise experience when running your favorite games and apps.

How to use Phone Master: Watch Video


  • Free to use, it’s fast and has a friendly UI
  • Clean all virus on Android phone
  • Increase battery life span


  • Advertisement on the app.

Download Phone Master Apps – Android Version

Norton Clean

Norton Clean is an app that allows you to quickly delete all of the trash files that are taking up space on your Android smartphone. All you have to do is scan your smartphone’s memory twice to get rid of all the junk.

How to use Norton Clean:

Download Norton Clean on your Android Device >> Tap the blue button below and navigate to playstore and download.


  • Smart & Clean unwanted junk’s files frim your device
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  • Premium Version is expensive but it’s cool.
  • Free Version – Advert Displayed.

Download Norton Clean Apps – Android Version

Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage

Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage shows data on a device’s internal and external storage in an easy-to-understand graphical format, making it possible to clear out junk files and free up disk space by quickly locating and deleting large files using sunburst chart and other useful modes.

How to use Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage (Watch Video)

Download Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage Apps – Android Version

One Booster

One Booster is a mobile app that allows you to keep your Android device in good condition, performing well, and ready to perform any task. The best part is that you only need to tap to clean and optimize your device, which is quick and easy.

How to use One Booster (Watch Video)

Download One Booster Apps – Android Version

360 Security

360 Security scans the files on your Android device for viruses, malware, and junk. When the scan is finished, you can view information about the vulnerabilities that were discovered.

How to use 360 Security (Watch Video)

Download 360 Security Apps – Android Version

  1. Clean Master
  2. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner
  3. Greenify
  4. CCleaner
  5. Avast Cleanup
  6. Phone Master
  7. Norton Clean
  8. Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage
  9. One Booster
  10. 360 Security

There are lot of apps that can help you Improve your smartphones performance but on the list of apps provided above is recommended by our team’s because is well research and tested before using. If you’re still doubting on the best apps to use to speed up your smartphones performance then I will advise you to calmly re-read the article to select the best app you think will suit your smartphones.

Please, we’ll love you to read your comment on this article: “Apps to Improve Your Smartphones / Drop your review on the app you’re currently using the Improve your smartphones performance.

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