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Top 10 List of App to Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria – 2022

It’s fast when you buy airtime using mobile banking app or using the USSD code, but eventually you over recharge your phone or you want to sell excess recharge airtime, and searching on how to convert airtime to cash? We’re happy to list out the best application and website you can use, fast, easy and reliable.

In this article we’ll listing the best top 10 app and website that will help you convert or turn your airtime to cash, fast and easy way in Nigeria.

Application to Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria is a virtual top-up platform owned and operated by FraNKAPPWeb Technologies, with the help of you can convert your airtime to cash with the best rate. It work with MTN, Airtel, GLO And 9mobile Network in Nigeria. All you have to do is creating an account using your real name, phone number and other information needed.

Phones and Tablets

After this you’ll validate your account. 

Now you’re to add your account number, bank type which will enable the platform pay you direct into your account after converting your airtime to cash.

The amount which you can convert is ₦1,000 naira above. Anything less than won’t be processed. 

Customer Support: 

 Twitter, Phone Number: 07045461790, email:



Cheetahpay is one of the top apps in Nigeria for converting airtime to cash online.

It works with all major telecoms, including Glo, MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile, and the fee varies according on which one you use.

Cheetahpay’s price is higher than the other two, but because it supports PIN-based transactions, it may be your best chance for converting your airtime to cash if you have a PIN for any of the approved telcos.

To utilize this service, you must first create an account, and the phone number from which you can send an airtime-based transaction must be registered on its platform for at least 6 hours before a request can be granted.

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When it is a share and sell model, you will be given a list of cell numbers to which you will be asked to transmit the airtime, but if you have the PINs, you may easily make a request by just adding them.

Once your request has been validated, the net value after convenience fee deduction will be credited to your Cheetapay wallet.

You can then transfer the monies to your Cheetapay account’s associated bank account.

Customer Support: 

Phone Number: 2348030550475, email:

DOWNLOAD Cheetahpay App


Aimtoget is another VAS provider with one of the top apps in Nigeria for converting airtime to cash with cool rates.

It also works with all major carriers, including Glo, MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile, and allows just share and sell transactions.

Fees are also more than some of the other providers on this list, but having options allows you to choose which one to use.

Before you can convert airtime to cash on Aimtoget, you must first register an account. It has a fund page where you must enter the information for the network you wish to swap for money.

After entering the relevant information and clicking the Proceed button, you will be given a phone number to which you must send the requested amount of airtime.

After reading the instructions and transferring the airtime, click the complete button to begin verification.

Once your transaction is validated, your Aimtoget wallet will be credited within minutes.

Customer Support: 

WhatsApp Number: 2348149004610 Twitter, Instagram @Aimtoget,

Visit Aimtoget Web App


Patricia is a technology website alternative payments platform where merchants and consumers can transact with new digital currencies like bitcoin, gift cards and real money. It’s added new features that allow user convert an excess recharge to cash within 5min.

Converting your airtime with Patricia App is the best ever because of it rates compared to other apps. For example when converting 1,000 you get 800 deposited into your wallet or direct account. This work for MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel.

It’s easy to navigate through it user interface which enable user use easily. Download App from store: click link below!

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Customer Support: 

Twitter, Instagram,

Download Patricia App (Android)

Download Patricia App (iOS)


Recharge2Cash is another service that converts airtime to cash and allows users to share and sell airtime from Nigeria’s four major mobile network providers.

To get started with R2C, you only need to register an account. The Convert airtime option is all you need to trade your surplus recharges for wallet funds.

You will need to select the mobile network, specify the amount you wish to sell, and the cellphone number from where the transfer will take place, just like everyone else on the conversion page. The net value is determined automatically based on the network selected.

One thing to keep in mind is that in order to use this platform to convert your airtime to cash, you must first attach your bank verification number.

Customer Support: 


Download Recharge2Cash App


There are numerous venues in Nigeria for converting airtime to cash, and AirtimeFlip adds another to the list.

Though it supports four of Nigeria’s major mobile network companies, the active ones are MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile.

To use the service, you must first create an AirtimeFlip account, just like everyone else. The convert airtime page allows you to submit exchange information such as mobile network selection, amount to sell, and the mobile from which you will push the transfer.

When you are satisfied with the exchange rate after fees have been deducted, simply click the proceed button, and a page with instructions on how to finish the transaction will be generated.

When your transaction is complete, it will be validated and the net value will be credited to your wallet.

Customer Support: 

Phone: +2347043653239,

Download AirtimeFlip (Android)

Download AirtimeFlip App (iOS)

Gosub is one of the best and fastest platforms in Nigeria for converting airtime into cash, with a high payment to your bank account. After you have transferred airtime to them, this service took great pleasure in the rapidity with which they execute payment to your bank account. You can expect to receive your payment in 5 minutes if you use the website to convert airtime to cash. The company also provides affordable data plans, airtime, and processes bill payments in addition to converting airtime to cash.

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Customer Support: 

WhatsApp Number: 09064172909. Twitter, Instagram

Click Here: Web


Airtime2Cash is an application purposely design to convert airtime to cash in am easy way at any convenient time. With Airtime2Cash You pay with airtime instead of cash whenever the service is temporary unavailable.

Customer Support: 

Phone: 09062547121

Visit Airtime2Cash Website


PayRecharge is an app that allows you to purchase airtime, data, convert airtime to cash, and obtain SME data. You may now easily purchase cheap airtime for subscriptions for as little as 85%. The software also includes SME data.

This app is for those who have excess airtime on their lines and wish to convert it for cash. If you accidentally load airtime from your bank account, is the place to go since you can simply sell your airtime and convert it to cash in less than 5 minutes.

The app is available for download on Google Play. Click here to download the app from Google Play.

Customer Support: 

WhatsApp/Call: 07038067493. Email;

Download Payrecharge App


Zoranga is also application that allow Nigeria convert thier Airtime to Cash by sending airtime and receiving comparable money into any bank account of their choice.

Zoranga has built a new standard for micropayments with airtime

  • For Merchants: Accepting Payment with Airtime
  • For Customer: Convert Airtime to Cash
  • For Charities: Accept Donation with Airtime

Customer Support: 

WhatsApp/Call: 2348067238359. Email;

Visit Zaragoza Website App

You’ll might properly want to convert airtime to cash, watch the below video: converting airtime to cash with

Wrapping up

There are numerous applications and websites that allow you to convert your airtime to cash; however, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most trusted applications to convert your airtime to cash in Nigeria. You can explore the app’s list and select anyone to convert your airtime to cash.

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